School Counselors

Mr. Santos 
 Caroline Wilson

    Wayne Santos          

 Caroline Wilson

SCPS Middle School Counseling Philosophy

The professional middle school counselors of Shenandoah County believe:

  • All students have the right and ability to learn, though not necessarily on the same day and in the same way.
  • Skills for dealing with personal and social concerns can be learned as well.
  • School counselors need to collaborate with families, faculty and community resources to maximize student development.
  • School counselors require ongoing professional development and supervision, as well as activities to enhance cultural competency.

SCPS Middle School Counseling Mission Statement

Middle school counselors will create and maintain a comprehensive, developmentally based school counseling program which makes a difference in the life of every student. School counselors will proactively serve as advocates for all students, and will collaborate with parents, staff and community members, to create a positive, supportive and culturally sensitive program that contributes to a school community that is a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for all.